About Prefab 7 by 8

Compared to traditional houses, prefab structures are built in enclosed spaces and not affected by natural events such as storms or extreme heat or cold the way construction workers building traditional houses on the site are. The skeletal structures of prefab homes have been tested and are on par with the standard of traditional houses.

This is an immaculate example of a 7×8 elegant prefab house designed and created for one of our undisclosed clients.

One of the advantages of prefab structures is that they are built in a controlled environment, which results in a higher quality product with fewer defects. Additionally, prefab structures are often more energy-efficient than traditional homes due to the use of advanced insulation materials and energy-efficient appliances.

Client (undisclosed)Prefab 7 by 8
Developed & Implemented byDICO
Completed12 December 2017