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We work on the forefront of innovation since 1977

Our Vision:  Daher industrial company vision is to be leader in the project management field of the different sectors, also to make an impact in the global market by implementing the best design, engineering manufacturing and project Management. We committed to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Our Mission: Mission: We take pride in our productivity standards, workmanship, competitive prices and customer’s relationship.

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Daher Industrial company began it’s work in 1977 and was founded in 2006. The main offices are located in Monsef Lebanon, Beirut-Tripoly Highway. The Factory is located in Hosrayel Industrial Zone Street No.7 where it has housed some of the most highly experienced management teams, manufacturing excellence and first class customer care. Since 2006, Daher Industrial has become one of the leading companies in:

  • Steel Structures
  • Prefab Solutions
  • Sandich Panels
  • Industrial Cranes

OurFactory in Hosrayel

Our cutting-edge Factory is located in
Hosrayel Industrial Zone Street No.7